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IT as a Service

With our groundbreaking subscription model, we handle the administration of your IT environment and provide support for all technical inquiries. From Onboarding to Offboarding, we offer comprehensive services at a fixed monthly price per user, regardless of location and requirements.

+ Unlimited Service Requests

With Cloud Rebels, there are no limits. No matter how many inquiries you have, we're here to resolve them.

+ 2h Response Time

We won't keep you waiting; expect a prompt response to your concerns within a very short time.

+ 6h Solution Period

We solve almost every ticket on the same day - and therefore even faster than most service providers respond to inquiries at all.

+ IT Security Services

From now on, the following IT security services are integrated into our package at no additional cost. We not only ensure that your IT infrastructure functions smoothly, but also optimal security.

Flexible subscription
Auto. On- & Offboarding
Service Portal
SaaS Management
Live Remote Support
Software Support
Video Support
Hardware Support
IT Security Bonus:
Process consulting
Training advice
Data protection advice
MDM policies
Main Directory Support and Security Advice
Support in risk assessment and analysis for IT security

Whats includet?

Here's a detailed overview of what our package includes. However, if you have any questions beyond the offer, we're always available to provide guidance and assistance.

Automatic On- & Offboarding

Automated Onboarding:
We seamlessly automate the employee onboarding process in collaboration with your HR system.

Automated Offboarding:
We ensure a seamless employee separation process through automation between our SaaS tool and the HR system.

Software deployment:
We streamline the deployment process by automatically assigning software to users and departments, optimizing efficiency.

Software removal:
Efficient uninstallation without complications is ensured through the automatic deprovisioning of software from users and systems.

Quick user creation:
When needed, automated onboarding enables the immediate setup of user accounts.

Immediate user suspension:
Utilizing automation, we can swiftly deactivate accounts within a few minutes.

Reliable user archiving process:
We prioritize not only proper separation but also cost-effective and sustainable archiving of user data.

SaaS Management

SaaS Consolidation:
As part of the onboarding process, we analyze your existing SaaS environment and provide optimization recommendations.

Customization of SaaS Tools:
We configure specific tools and tailor them to your individual requirements.

Reduce SaaS Costs:
With our extensive SaaS experience, we offer well-founded recommendations on necessary tools and potential optimizations.

Access Control:
Identity and access management are crucial. We provide recommendations and basics for Identity and Access Management (IAM).

SLA Management:
We review potential conflicts between service agreements and your company's goals.

Safety Management (Optional Extension):
As certified IT security experts, we offer comprehensive support, from audits to the implementation of zero-trust principles.

Software Support

Software Installation:
Installing software on managed devices is easy and flexible, even when direct access is not possible.

Software Configuration:
We take over and support configurations within software applications.

Service Level Agreement:
We offer a flexible and transparent Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a complete solution-oriented approach.

Software Troubleshooting:
If you encounter problems with software, we are dedicated to finding a satisfactory solution that meets your requirements.

Hardware Support

Inventory Management:
At the beginning, we conduct a thorough inventory and establish detailed inventory management.

Shipping & Configuration:
We ship carbon-neutrally to all EU countries (excluding Great Britain) and perform the configuration.

Device Security:
Our advanced services ensure maximum protection for your devices against cyber threats.

Access Protection*:
If needed, we can remotely lock devices, such as in the case of loss or theft.

Hard Drive Encryption*:
With Cloud Rebels' device management, hard drives are automatically encrypted for reliable protection against unauthorized access.

Device Updates*:
The devices we manage are always kept up to date.

As an option, we provide device tracking and protection for stolen devices upon request.

Lifecycle Management*:
At the end of their life cycle, devices supplied by us can be easily replaced and substituted with new ones.

*only with:  Smart Device Leasing

Service Portal

Tailored User Portal:
Each customer receives a customized service portal designed precisely to meet your specific requirements.

Overview of Tickets:
Keep track of your open inquiries and ticket status at any time.

Easy Ticket Inquiries:
Requesting assistance is just a click away, available 24/7.

Customized Service Catalog:
Our service catalog is individually designed to align with your specific needs.

Incident Management:
When things no longer work as usual, we're here to help you find a solution.

Live Remote Support

Remote Management:
We frequently address issues before you're even aware of them, providing proactive solutions.

Problem Solving:
With us, you always communicate with real employees, not automated bots. Cloud Rebels promptly addresses your concerns in real time.

Integration of Collaboration Tools (Optional Extension):
While our customers typically use our individually adapted portal, we also offer integrations with Slack or Microsoft Teams upon request.

Video Support

Remote Maintenance:
We prioritize human interaction, ensuring that all inquiries are personally answered and processed by our dedicated team.

Screen Sharing:
You have the option to share your screen in real-time, or our support agent can share their screen for full assistance.

Video Presentations:
In case of uncertainty about specific topics, we can summarize them in the form of a presentation to provide better understanding and clarity.

Video Training (Optional Extension):
Upon request, we can arrange a user-oriented training session for you in the form of a webinar, ensuring all relevant information is provided.


Self-Service Support:
Many issues can be easily resolved by utilizing our knowledge base.

Every customer onboarding is concluded with comprehensive documentation even before the support process begins.

FAQ Database:
Our database houses numerous solutions that you can readily access.

One Price

always Premium Service


Let's talk Numbers!

Witness the remarkable cost savings of up to 30% per month with our IT as a Service offering.

Enjoy additional benefits as we eliminate the entire costs associated with office space, ongoing education, and salary increases. Plus, no worries about absences due to illness or vacation. We provide continuous and reliable support, catering to both young startups and established companies.

Costs of an internal IT Department
50 employees

1 FTE / 1 WS

100 employees

2 FTE / 1 WS

200 employees

1 TL / 3 FTE / 1 WS

Potential savings with Cloud Rebels
50 employees
100 employees
200 employees

(Currency: EUR, internal department costs may vary and are often higher)

Ditch your IT stress now!

Bring it on


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