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IT as a service: Stress-Free IT

Say goodbye to IT worries! With our IT as a Service subscription at a fixed price per user, we take over your entire IT administration and offer you comprehensive IT support. No matter where you are, we take care of your concerns so that you can concentrate on your business.

+ Unlimited Service Requests

No limits! We take care of all your IT requests, no matter how many there are.

+ 2h Response Time

We won't keep you waiting. Get fast support for all IT problems.

+ 6h Solution Period

We solve your IT problems in record time - often faster than others can even react.

+ IT Security Services

As a bonus, you get important IT security services at no extra charge. We ensure smooth and secure IT.

Flexible subscription
Auto. On- & Offboarding
Service Portal
SaaS Management
Live Remote Support
Software Support
Video Support
Hardware Support
IT Security Bonus:
Process consulting
Training advice
Data protection advice
MDM policies
Main Directory Support and Security Advice
Support in risk assessment and analysis for IT security

Comprehensive IT Support

Here you will find an overview of our IT services as part of our ITaaS offering. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Automatic On- & Offboarding

Automated Onboarding:
In conjunction with your HR system, we automate the entire onboarding process for new employees. This saves time and resources.

Automated Offboarding:
Our SaaS tool and your HR system work seamlessly together to ensure a smooth and secure offboarding process.

Software deployment:
Software is assigned to users and departments automatically in order to optimize the provisioning process and avoid errors.

Software removal:
The automatic deprovisioning of software from users and systems ensures efficient uninstallation without complications.

Quick user creation:
If required, automated onboarding enables user accounts to be set up immediately.

Immediate user suspension:
With the help of automation, we can quickly deactivate accounts within a few minutes.

Reliable user archiving process:
We not only attach great importance to proper separation, but also to cost-efficient and sustainable archiving of user data.

SaaS Management

SaaS Consolidation:
We analyze your SaaS environment and make recommendations for optimization and cost reduction.

Customization of SaaS Tools:
We configure your SaaS tools according to your specific requirements and business processes.

Reduce SaaS Costs:
Thanks to our many years of SaaS experience, we can identify potential savings and optimize your license costs.

Access Control:
We implement Identity and Access Management (IAM) to make access to your SaaS tools secure and efficient.

SLA Management:
We review your SLAs and ensure that they meet your business objectives and that no conflicts arise.

Safety Management (Optional Extension):
Our certified IT security experts provide you with comprehensive support in securing your SaaS environment, from audits to the implementation of Zero Trust principles.

Software Support

Software Installation:
We install software on your managed devices quickly and easily - even without direct access.

Software Configuration:
We take over the configuration of your software applications and support you with individual customizations.

Service Level Agreement:
Our flexible and transparent SLA guarantees you fast response times and solution-oriented support.

Software Troubleshooting:
We find solutions to your software problems that meet your requirements. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Hardware Support

Inventory Management:
We start with a thorough inventory of your hardware and create a clear inventory management system.

Shipping & Configuration*:
We deliver your devices CO2-neutral within the EU (excl. UK) and take care of the professional configuration.

Device Security:
We protect your devices from cyberattacks and data loss with state-of-the-art security solutions.

Access Protection*:
In an emergency, we lock your devices remotely to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Hard Drive Encryption*:
With our device management, we automatically encrypt your hard drives and protect your data from unauthorized access.

Device Updates*:
We always keep your devices up to date with automatic updates and patches.

If you wish, we can track your devices and help you find them again if they are stolen.

Lifecycle Management*:
We take care of the entire life cycle of your devices - from procurement to disposal - and ensure smooth replacement.

*only with:  Device Leasing

Service Portal

Tailored User Portal:
Your personal service portal, individually tailored to your needs.

Overview of Tickets:
Keep track of your open requests and the status of your tickets.

Easy Ticket Inquiries:
Create new support tickets in no time at all - around the clock.

Customized Service Catalog:
Your individual service catalog - tailored to your requirements.

Incident Management:
We support you in solving IT problems quickly.

Live Remote Support

Remote Management:
We often solve your IT problems before you even notice them. Proactive monitoring and remote maintenance for smooth IT.

Problem Solving:
With us, you always talk to real people, not bots. We solve your IT issues in real time and offer personal support.

Integration of Collaboration Tools (Optional Extension):
As a rule, our customers use our customized portal. However, we can also integrate Slack or Microsoft Teams for seamless collaboration on request.

Video Support

Remote Maintenance:
We attach great importance to personal support. That is why our employees answer and process all inquiries personally.

Screen Sharing:
Share your screen in real time or let our support agent show you his screen to solve your problem quickly and easily.

Video Presentations:
For more complex questions, we create a short presentation to explain the solution to you in an understandable way.

Video Training (Optional Extension):
We offer individual webinars to provide you and your team with targeted training.


Self-Service Support:
Solve IT problems quickly and easily yourself with our knowledge database.

Comprehensive documentation for a smooth start - directly after onboarding.

FAQ Database:
Find answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ database.

One Price

always Premium Service


ITaaS: Your benefits with Cloud Rebels

Increase your efficiency and save up to 30% on monthly IT costs with Cloud Rebels' IT as a Service. No more high expenses for office space and staff. Enjoy continuous IT support with no downtime. Our flexible subscription model adapts to your needs and offers comprehensive IT support at a fixed price.

Costs of an internal IT Department
50 employees

1 FTE / 1 WS

100 employees

2 FTE / 1 WS

200 employees

1 TL / 3 FTE / 1 WS

Potential savings with Cloud Rebels
50 employees
100 employees
200 employees

(Currency: EUR, internal departmental costs may vary and are often higher)

Ditch your IT stress now!

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